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Redoxvin prevents oxidation in wines. In addition, it helps to achieve better color and aromatic stability. Due to the action of citric acid, it keeps the iron in a reduced state (Fe(II)) and is therefore soluble, thus preventing iron breakdown.

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The association between ascorbic and citric allows a rapid reduction of the oxygen dissolved in the wine and prevents the formation of iron-based complexes, thus avoiding possible clouding and even avoiding treatment with potassium ferrocyanide. The presence of potassium metabisulfite keeps free SO2 levels constant. Redoxvin maintains the freshness and fruity character of the wines.


In wine, especially in the treatment of low alcoholic and low total acidity wines.


  • Antioxidant and anti-iron effect 10-15 g/hl
  • Microbiological stabilization 20-30 g/hl
  • White and rosé wines 10-30 g/hl
  • Red wines 10-20 g/hl
  • Maximum legal dose: 75 g/hl

The total sulfur dioxide content may not exceed 150 mg/l for red wines and 200 mg/l for white and rosé wines. If the amount of residual sugar (expressed as glucose+fructose) is equal to or greater than 5 g/l, the permitted values are 200 mg/l for red wines and 250 mg/l for white and rosé wines.
NOTE: The dosage of Redoxvin will be determined in previous trials, and will depend on the needs of each wine.

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