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Citric acid (E-330) is an acidifier to correct acidity in musts and wines, and also has a stabilizing action as an antioxidant.





Citric acid forms natural complexes with Fe(III), therefore its addition can reinforce this action by sequestering a certain amount of the iron contained in the wine. Citric acid is a perfectly soluble substance in wines, and it is found naturally in wines, especially in those that have not undergone malolactic fermentation, since lactic acid bacteria are capable of totally degrading it.


  • During the harvest, as a must acidifier.
  • In white, rosé and red wines for acidity correction during winemaking processes.
  • In beverages in general, both refreshing and effervescent.
  • In candies, fruit, canned fish, ice cream, sweets in general, sauces, fruit juices and syrup, etc.
  • Due to its sequestering nature it can be used as a stainless steel cleaning agent.


  • Dosage 0.2 – 0.5 g/l.

Maximum legal amount in wine 1 g/l.