News: New Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/68

The entry into force of the new Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/68, which establishes the authorized oenological treatments and compounds, has been one of the most anticipated new items for the sector due to the novelties presented compared to the previous regulation.

At the AGROVIN Technical Department, we have analysed in detail the modifications included in the new Regulation to see at a glance these novelties in each of the processes in order to facilitate the work of the winery oenology departments.


Notable novelties include the following:

  • The incorporation into the regulations of the “Ultrasound treatment of crushed grapes to favour the extraction of their compounds” thanks to our innovative Ultrawine Perseo eco system, which improves the quality of the wine and helps to mitigate the effects of climate change in the lag of grape ripening, through the application of ultrasound.
  • The extension of the use of CMC (Carboxymethicellulase) in rosé wines and the increase of the maximum allowed dose to 0.2 g/hl.
  • The incorporation of acidifying bacteria and yeasts as acidity regulators.
  • Approval of the incorporation of fumaric acid as a stabilizer.
  • Finally, the new regulation indicates that new enzymatic activities have been incorporated, such as: Arabinasa, Beta-glucanasa (ß1-3, ß1-6), Glucosidasa and Aspergillopepsina I.

The following tables indicate a summary of the most significant aspects analysed by Agrovin’s technical department:


Nuevo Normativa OIV es en gb C


Nuevo Normativa OIV es en gb C2

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