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Optimize your winemaking operations

With Agrovin’s application, you will have access to various tools specifically designed to simplify your daily tasks

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Winemaking Calculator

Calculations and conversions tool useful for day-to-day winemaking. It includes calculations such as the YAN, molecular SO2, different additions, acid correction and gas elimination, among others. You will get the results instantly.

Mapa de Sensaciones

Sensations Map®

Tasting tool that allows you to represent the olfactory and taste attributes of your wine graphically. It also helps you select the attributes you want to enhance to achieve the desired balance and recommends the necessary products to achieve it.

A history of your maps is saved for future reference!

Productos Afinado

Wine Refining Products

Selection of products designed to enhance the quality of your wine.

Classified according to their typology and effect on the wine, these products allow you to influence aromatic, tactile and astringent sensations, facilitating decision-making during the final stages of winemaking.

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From Agrovin Group, we have developed this application for winemakers, winemakers, tasters, and other specialists in the sector to offer a complete and efficient tool with which to have control over the wine.

Download the Agrovin app now, and stop wasting time with manual and disorganized processes. It is available for Android and iOS.

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