II International Congress on Grapevine and Wine Sciences

Fecha: 08 / noviembre / 2023
Asistencia Presencial
Hasta el: 10 / noviembre / 2023

Descripción del evento:

After the success of the first edition, the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ICVV) is proud to announce that the II International Congress of Vine and Wine Sciences will be held at Rioja Forum (Logroño, Spain) from November 8 to 10, 2023.

. This congress will serve as a meeting point for the most relevant research on grapevine and wine. In addition, the conference will promote a multidisciplinary framework space for direct contact with industry professionals who want to catch up on current developments in these fields. Simultaneous translation from English (the official language of the congress) to Spanish will be provided.

This international forum to discuss and present the latest advances in viticulture, microbiology, genetic approaches, biotechnology, enology, wine chemistry and sensory analysis will show how science can help to produce better, safer, healthier and higher quality grapes and wines in a context framed by sustainability, climate change and circular economy. To this end, we will have invited scientific personalities of great international recognition in these fields.

. We encourage attendees to present their most recent, novel and unpublished results in oral or poster communication.

In addition, the location of the conference is surrounded by magnificent vineyards and some of the best wine producers in Spain, as we will be in the heart of the DOC Rioja.

We look forward to seeing you in La Rioja.

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